Our Projects

We have worked on a handful of exceptional projects for several industries, allowing us to demonstrate our experience of solving complex problems from successful prototyping to deployment

Drug discovery by biochemical in silico retrosynthesis

Academic / Pharmaceutical / Food companies (Switzerland) - We developed a solution for biochemical pathways generation for in silico metabolite discovery.

High speed graph pruning and classification

We integrated information from various databases into a large-scale graph and optimized pathway search.

Real-time pathway search

An effective dynamic interface allow users to run their real-time experiments efficiently.

Machine learning plaform for mRNA expression data

Academic tooling (Switzerland) - We developed a tool that allows users to run a pipeline for genomics and proteomics analysis

Combining state-of-the-art technologies

We arranged many state-of-the-art technologies as freely configurable but compatible modules and provided the user a way to combine them easily to provide easy access for scientists to the best technologies out there.

Streamlined processing in the cloud

We developed an accessible cloud platform, creating a convenient user experience, with no need of complicated software installation.

Environmental changes compensation for biomedical device

Biomedical devices (Switzerland) - Medical temperature monitoring requires constant calibration and is very susceptible to changes due to external meteorological conditions, skin color, moisture, and hours in the day. We developed a learning pipeline to compensate these changes and to improve diagnosis accuracy.

Improved medical diagnosis accuracy

We improved the accuracy of the diagnosis by more than 5% thanks to this novel approach.

From cloud data to embedded system

The algorithms were trained on cloud data but used in embedded systems.

Optimization of electron microscopy autofocus & asbestos detection

Analysis company (Switzerland) - We made Asbestos detection possible in electron microscopy.

AI Autofocus

Using a novel computer vision and optimization algorithm, we developed a method that could reduce the analysis time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

AI asbestos detection

Our computer vision algorithms are able to classify asbestos fiber types as well as quantifying the number and size of fibers.

Photography platform for e-commerce

B2C e-commerce (Switzerland) - we developed a robotized platform tailored for product imaging with dynamic lighting, adaptive background, and automatic processing.

Time efficiency

The whole pipeline lessened from 120-180 seconds per photograph to 10 seconds. That means hundreds hours saved for the company every year.


With the dedicated interface, no need to be a professional photograph to take state-of-the-art commercial pictures.

Car rental solution

Car rental company (Switzerland) - We developed a customized solution for car rentals in the form of a web application (computer, tablet, phone) from contract management to car rental bookings.

Linked with ERP system

By integrating to the client's ERP system, we allowed all assets to be linked together and provide turn-key access.

Fraud detection

We implemented security provisions with an AI-powered fraud detection system that can verify credit cards to avoid false transactions.

Bacteria classification in flow cytometer

Biomedical devices (Switzerland) - We developed a process that would classify every single of 100'000s of bacterias based on fluorescence and scattering values into defined categories.

Embedded system

The classification system was integrated into an older-generation low-power ARM processor thanks to an optimized codebase


The outcome of the classification has been tested to be robust against noise or environmental changes. We also integrated medical-grade failsafes and ISO-compliant testing environments.