Software, AI, and technology consulting

Our consulting services focus on solving unique challenges across complex domains by working alongside our customers and making the most out of their data and workflow

High-value predictions and insightful actions with Machine Learning

Finding data is a start; optimally leveraging that data is the key. IoT sensors, machines, and business processes are overwhelming technology-driven businesses with a massive amount of data. The proper use of this data can help to enhance operations, productivity, and results. However, developing Machine Learning solutions requires unique expertise.

We utilize deep technological knowledge to help organizations archive breakthroughs with minimal resources and overhead. Our team will assist you throughout the data journey, including identifying complexe data challenges, prototype building, and enterprise-wide machine learning deployment.

End-to-end Machine Learning strategies for data-driven business transformation

Together, we can enable breakthrough transformations for your technical and business vision. We allow you to overcome human errors, make quicker decisions, boost productivity, and squeeze development timelines. We deliver a full-cycle solution from defining the problem to efficiently deploying artificial intelligence in your workflows.

Machine Learning & AI consulting to create custom analytics solutions

Discovering hidden patterns, from structured or unstructured big data, demands powerful tools, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning engines. Signal classification, image segmentation, natural language processing, and databases  require custom data science solutions to analyze and derive actionable insights.

Our unique approach to understanding the data will help your team navigate complex data challenges quickly. We utilize the best tools, such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, MATLAB and R to optimize all development phases. We then use the most efficient tooling, such as ONNX, Spark, and Kafka to optimize speed and reactivity in production.

Leveraging AI, ML & Data Science for efficiency and automation

Our solutions can minimize downtime, predict outages, identify outlier and trends in advance. They do not only keep you online but will continue to learn your organizational data flows.

Let's build together automated solutions that will help to increase your throughput and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

Need to build a custom ML solution for your business?