Solving together unique challenges

ABIT Technology is a Swiss consulting company focused on developing custom software solutions that solve unique industry challenges, particularly in the field of medical devices, embedded technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Accelerate your R&D and operations with us

Empower your team with machine learning

Machine learning is not a replacement for human reasoning. Instead, it is able to automate analytical tasks to help your team make data-informed judgments orders of magnitude faster.

Leverage innovative tools in your workflow

Our machine learning solutions fit your processes seamlessly. Speed up discoveries and shrink development timelines, without disrupting your existing workflow.

Invest in a partnership, not a platform

Ready-made solutions can not address complex challenges. We work alongside you to develop tailored solutions, building on top of your team's domain knowledge.

Opt for robustness and durability

As their terms may change from day to day, software-as-a-service providers require you to have a great deal of confidence in their durability. Ensure a future-proof platform and optimal backward compatibility by using a custom-made solution.

Our recipe

Our expert R&D scientists leverage existing data to predict outcomes, behaviours, and trends.

We ensure best practices from gathering requirements to deploy a solution through the software development life cycle.

We guarantee positive impacts by designing, training, and deploying ML models that can help you address your business challenges.

1. Pick the right problem

Identify the right problem to develop the right solution.

2. Test the concept

Ensure that the solution effectively meets KPIs.

3. Deploy the solution

Implement the solution for real-time performance in exsisting workflows.

4. Learn. Scale. Grow.

Scale the pipeline and continuously learn from data.

What you can expect from us


Our engineers and scientists have solved complex problems for large web platforms, equipment manufacturers, biotech and pharma companies.

Learn from our team

We work together with your team through the project, offering them full access to our code. They can learn from us to level up their ML skill set.

You have our attention

When you work with us, you always have our full attention. And we won't rest until we address your problems.

No counting hours

We believe in commitment. We agree to a fixed price and that’s what you pay. No cost overruns or delays. No overtime.

Clear communication

Communication is the key to any partnership. Our engineers directly communicate with you throughout the project. You don't need to deal with ‘sales team.’

Full access, all the time

We work with few clients at a time, so you have our full attention. The CEO & CTO manage your project personally and know every detail inside and out.

What you get

Project planning

A properly planned project along with expert interviews, data analysis, and academic research

Optimized algorithms

We leverage best engineering practices from algorithm selection  to tuning as per your application needs.

Clean, tested & documented code

Thouroughly tested & well documented code for you to keep, use and reproduce as needed.

Infrastructure & parallelization

Simultaneous processes from thousands to billions of decisions a day.

Integration into your tool-chain

Smooth and complete integration to your existing toolchain by auto-importing data, exporting results, and API accessibility.

Real-time communication

Seamless collaboration on platforms like you would do with your team members. Slack or Microsoft Teams to keep things moving together.

Frequently Asked Questions

And the answers you may want to know !
  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Martigny, Switzerland. We would be happy to visit your company in Switzerland and western Europe, or to work with you remotely.  We do not employ subcontractors or outsource work. We perform in-house and connect you directly to the engineers working on your project.

  • Do you work with local businesses?
  • How is the consulting process?
  • Do you work for SMEs too?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Do you work for academia or research projects?

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